I’ve been stuck in my ways
I’ve been grinding all day
They don’t like what I say
They don’t like my skin
Who gives a fuck anyway
This shit is just a screenplay
I’m on my way
That’s speedway
I’m on my way
That’s relay
You never made it ok
My roots been damaged this way
My roots been challenged this way
I’ve managed to be ok
Undamaged some of this pain
My brain had just been retrained
Reclaimed my soul
Now I’m sane
Reclaimed my soul
I’m unchained

Originally owned by Saki Jones

Pretty brown eyes

Pretty brown eyes
Still she rise
Pretty brown eyes
And Still she cries
Pretty brown eyes
Still she tries
Pretty brown eyes
Yes she’s wise
Pretty brown eyes
She’s the prize
Pretty brown eyes
She can read between the lies
As she sighs
Your energy then dies
She grabs your neck you grip her thighs
You pick her up she flee and flies
He sips me up like wine -SakiJ

Speaking for thee addiction

Spoken word for addiction
My mind needs rewritten
My eyes won’t stop dripping
Journaling to heal
Be honest with yourself and others this is the place for real
Once you feel ill from popin them pills it’s a kill it’s a steal it takes your mother and her will to give up life for something that was man made to life man what a strife i kinda hate life time travels every flight most times I feel alright it’s time to live the night
It’s time to take a strike to all the drug dealers and life stealers soul keepers and game cheaters. Masters of the slave pastors built from disasters the factors as to why why you should even try to pry and stay alive when all you have to do is take a dive and never look back. What the hack I’m back like crack trying to get my life on track I know deep within that I will win..

Born into the broken…

Is it my fault that I was born into the broken
I closed my eyes and then I jumped into the ocean my mother lied so much she fucked up my emotions my father caused a lot of pain it was destruction. When I was young I used to think that I was hopeless, so insecure I thought that I was close to nothing. I’ve been lost, I’ve been numb I endured the pain. Every night I would cry, tears would fall like rain. Always asked myself who am I ,the one to blame. Sacrificed sacrifices almost went insane life’s been terrifying paranoia on my brain . I don’t know who I am, or where my roots became. Time was flying lies were piling
Trying to fucking gain see my veins as they bleed broken from the shame when you look into my eyes all you see is flames.

Broken Clocks And Wild Thoughts!

As times were getting rough

She stood up high.

And didn’t let anyone

Get in her way.

She’s been through worst

But she knew, she knew

On this journey.

That she would have to walk alone someday.

Warriors go through so much pain and hurt,

But at the end they remain strong and humble.

And she the warrior Bruja knew exactly what she had to do to strive and win her battles.

The question of faith Is such A Good taste But could it be a waste. If she did not continue to chase and find her purpose. Her purpose of life, her purpose of freedom.

Her wanderlust soul can be cold as snow, but she would never be souled. As her energy can burn like the open flame of pain. She tries to regain her name not for fame but to remain and claim her legacy that was once taken away and to contain the rain of tears that followed her for years. Years of fear once made her disappear, disappear into the darkness where she found herself deep within her soul.

She knows, who she is. She know who she once was. Her true spirit, her true calling has never fallen.

She’s a spirit from another time zone, that once had her times wrong.

Her Words Pt.1

Self expression

Is my reflection

Never thought

That I would still

Fight oppression

Minority I see

She would not

Be defeated

The scars

That she wear

And the wounds

That she carries

As she inspires

The world

With her

Raw, honest words

She’s the voice

Of the people

The voice of the fear

The voice of someone

Who was once

Here in tears

Take a dip

Into my womaness

She has no fear

Only strong minded women(people)

Can understand

This here

There was a time in my life

Where I thought

I was drowning

Took a look at my reflection

Yea my thoughts

Had me clowning

Realized, I was the wave

Saved myself

I’m the doctor

I don’t contemplate

I meditate

Out of place

Out in space

Wide awake

My fears

Of falling

Was my mistake

Reflection Of My Thoughts Pt.2

Whatever’s in your heart

Just let it flow

Whatever’s on your mind

Just let it go

We were ment to transcend

Increase our energy

And high frequencies

I’m finding ways to articulate your mind

I got that automatic high

Feel like

I can touch the sky

My life is like an open book

First ten chapters

Would probably

Have you shook

Broken clocks

And kisses of betrayal

Kinda felt like

I was close to hell

Never understood why my life was frail

Had to learn to let go

And find myself

Had to kill the old me

Rebirth myself

Haven’t been the same


I choose myself

Bought silence to the violence that I’ve

Once arrayed


My honor

This is dedicated

to the peace and pain

Reflection Of My Thoughts Pt.1

I stare at my reflection in the ocean

I feel like I’m drowning

Sometimes I am crying

The world is on my shoulders

But I feel as if can’t go no further

High of my thoughts

Lost in emotions

Im searching high and low

For the key to get started

No soul is forgotten

Sorta like big laden

After that 9/11 pose

Shit was never forgotten

They turn you

From Queen to slave

Tell you when to eat and bathe

Snatch your freedom away

And expect you not to misbehave

They want you to obey

Short days and

Cold nights

I will not

Stand down

Without a fight

They hate you out of spite

Without hesitation

My mind just keeps racing

Accept the fate

Don’t take the bait

I’m constantly seeking

I will not stop breathing

When I’m sober

It’s quite over

I can relate

When I’m higher

Then wildfires

I meditate

And no

I’m not always right

I sometimes saint

MyThoughts/Perspective On Spirituality

Slaving and paving this world is just ment for racing

Without a spiritually-inclined mind, you cannot have devotion/dedication toward spirituality.

Without devotion/dedication toward spirituality, there is no spiritual meditation.

Without spiritual meditation, there are no spiritual experiences that will ultimately lead to Self-realization.

We need to learn how to keep an open mind, accept that everyone is different, we all come from different cultures and faiths. We need to learn to share and value each other’s experiences. We need to take time to listen, feel, share and be heard. If we do this we can make this world so much better.

I don’t make plans cause they fall through

People make promises

That can fall through

Tell you one thing

Then they turn on you

All I ever wanted

Was the honest truth

Nothing been realer

Then my attitude

Seen broken mirrors

And reflections too

Sometimes I don’t know

What to say or do

Don’t judge me

I’m still learning

On this journey too

Floetry Pt.2

Picture me rolling

Out in the ocean

All alone here

With my thoughts and emotions

Feel the night breeze

Smoke tree

Yes I’m floating

Feels like a dream

But I know

That I’m woke


My feelings can’t run

My feelings can’t hide

Look what you did to me

I can not

Hardly breath

Took my heart

And the key

Now I’m sitting here


Calling for you

Calling for love

Someone just please come through

I can not help myself

Feel like

I’m close to death

Emotions flow so deep

Our energy connects

But you’re too afraid

Of what will happen next

Don’t wanna get too close

But don’t wanna go too far

Perceptions Of A Woman!

I could not choose between these two images so I decided to write and analyze both. My assumptions for both images have there differences as well as similarities. Both images are of two women, not just any women. Each photo have its own uniqueness about them, in the first photo there is a woman and her child. What comes to mind when I look at this photo is that I see a mother and her child, the mom is crying you can tell that she is going through some tough times. She has tears and pain in her eyes, but she also has a smile on her face because as you can see the baby is drying her tears. And that symbolizes a lot to me especially as being a mom, let alone a single mom. I feel like this photo is representing that no matter what you have to be strong for your child and that your child will always be there for you the most even if you feel like everything is wrong. I noticed that this photo does have some classism in it, she looks as if she could be a single mother as well as she is a minority. If anyone else just glanced at this photo they would see her as a mother just being stressed and tired but if you actually observe it’s more to it.

Now for the second photo there is a woman of color with bruises on her back, to some people it may look like she was abused especially from the bruise that’s on her face, but when I observed the photo my assumptions are different. You see if you look more closely she is putting on a Wonder Woman suit and she has the cuff around her arm. In my eyes I feel that this photo represents a woman who has taken so much pain, heartache and ect but despite that, she is still able to pick herself up and save the world. She’s been knocked down but she is not letting that stop her she’s still able to get up stay strong and keeping fighting. This photo has very strong symbolism. I know that things aren’t always what they seem. You have to observe carefully and be able to look deeper within. It gives us a deeper understanding.

This beautiful photo was found online, I am only using for entertainment purposes.
This amazing and unique photo was found online, only using for entertainment purposes!

No where is safe.

No where’s safe
There’s no safe place
There’s a human war
Race, violence and hate
Such a disgrace
To feel misplaced
The shit that we face
The sense that we waste
Is based upon taste
My daddy always told me that I could be erased
Fuck what he said
He should have been dead
How the fuck a pedophile
Living life instead
No where’s safe
There’s no safe place
Living life full of fear
Is just a mistake

No one ever told us!

No ever taught us the real of growing up
We always thought that going to college getting good jobs and being married was only just enough . They never told us about heartbreaks and heartaches
Or false dates and race hates
Or even the fact that we live in the United States and it wasn’t really great.
I’ve dealt with family fates
And colored hates
They never opened the gates beyond this way
I’ve lived my life full of pain
Feet was shackled and locked in chains
I bleed blue inside my veins
I look in the mirror
And see these flames
Transcending in me I feel the rage
I climb to the top escaped this cage
Experienced this life
I’m so engaged
To all the fucking lies
You had to stage
Turn the page
Now I’m onstage
I call the claim
this is my life
Now I’m switching lanes

Freestyle pt. 1

If I praise it
I’ve done it
If I want it
I’m gone get
If I let it
I summoned it
Making sure that
I won’t quit
All the heartache I’ve dealt with
Made me stronger
I won’t sit
All the struggles I’ve felt it
Never felt like I was shit
Turned around
And I changed it
Promise you that I won’t quit
Promise you that I won’t hit
I’m the queen
And that’s my shit
I’m the queen and I won’t split
Im the queen and I own this
Im the queen I won’t resist
I’m the queen you are dismissed

Memories within Memories…

Memories within memories, I close my eyes and enjoy the breeze. It’s just a tease ,controlling me ,it’s just a tease that shouldn’t be ,it’s deeper then the golden sea ,it’s deeper then our souls to keep. I be so deep ,I be the sheep ,my mind so steep it’s killing me . I swam through the ocean And rose from the gardens. I found my way home ,I found my way home, away from the dozens of people who hurt me, oppressed and desert me, the ones who disturbed me.
Sacrificed, then lost my kindness
Life’s been terrifying
All the testifying and the fucking lying
I’ve been out here dying
Mentally ,endlessly
There was a time
I thought that I was striving
But I was slowly dying
Now I’m sitting here crying
I was trying, overdosed on pills
Feelings was oh so deep
Body numb I wasn’t geeked
my mind was gone
It was bleeding ink so I wrote this poem
In the ocean Sailing my way
Back home. Memories within memories open your eyes it’s just a dream.


Emotional, emotionless
Between the two
I’m done with this
Sometimes I’m good
Sometimes I’m pissed
My ego is
Beyond this shit
If I could run
On miles lit
I would be gone
Withdrawn and split
For all my folks
I quit the tricks
If I be gone
I missed my fix
I never ran with
Ticks and cliques
In my own mind
I own this shit
I close my eyes and reminisce
There was a time
I miss The diss
I miss your kiss
I’m missing this
Why I’m so blind
To all the lies
I testify
I lift the veil
Beneath your eyes
You see despise and
All the cries
I wonder why
I even try
When I look up I’m pretty high
Over the crowed
I’m feeling fine
This tree of mine
I let it shine
My life I climb
I did no crime
Now I’m the prime
My time to rise
Emotion wise and Beautiful sighs
I won the prize
The prize of life
The prize of joy
The prize to live
The price it right
I’m here to fight
With all my might
I am the knight