Reflection Of My Thoughts Pt.1

I stare at my reflection in the ocean

I feel like I’m drowning

Sometimes I am crying

The world is on my shoulders

But I feel as if can’t go no further

High of my thoughts

Lost in emotions

Im searching high and low

For the key to get started

No soul is forgotten

Sorta like big laden

After that 9/11 pose

Shit was never forgotten

They turn you

From Queen to slave

Tell you when to eat and bathe

Snatch your freedom away

And expect you not to misbehave

They want you to obey

Short days and

Cold nights

I will not

Stand down

Without a fight

They hate you out of spite

Without hesitation

My mind just keeps racing

Accept the fate

Don’t take the bait

I’m constantly seeking

I will not stop breathing

When I’m sober

It’s quite over

I can relate

When I’m higher

Then wildfires

I meditate

And no

I’m not always right

I sometimes saint

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